Friday, April 20, 2012

What a difference a minute can do...

So WOW - life can change in an instant... REALLY greatful it didn't today, but it could have.  We have the truck in the shop for some scheduled work.  I passed out on the bed - OK sleeping really well and deeply - so Gary went to pick up a rental car (Enterprise - they picked him up) and left me sleeping... Not even 10 minutes later I get a call - - 'Honey I've been in an accident' - - The best words came just after those words - 'I'm OK' - Thank you God!!  So I put shoes on and head 1 1/2 blocks and keep him company while a police report was done and then we head over to Enterprise... and the day continues...

So we are relaxing and taking advantage of the down time... sure we have 'wait' time when in the truck, but this is true down time... no time to have to be ready to go - except Sunday when the truck is suppose to be done. 

This downtime I think is so needed... we haven't had any since the first part of February and that wasn't really 'down' time since we were dealing with Momma stuff... I have slept on and off all day... Gary has napped and relaxed on the couch in the room.  We at first were going to go out and do 'something' - not sure what - maybe the gift Lynn gave Gary for his birthday - but just 'sitting' is feeling SO good... we might do something tomorrow - or maybe not - and even that feels good.  Oh sure there are things I 'should' do... but this just feels good to relax and 'veg' out... haven't done that in AGES!

Just think - since last June we have traveled over 174,000 miles!! Amazes me sometimes :)

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  1. Praise the Lord that it was not too serious and Gary is okay! PJ, the Lord knows when we need real down time and it sounds like he knew it was time for a minute! Stay safe and God bless you both.