Monday, June 27, 2011


At least that is what we think is the culprit - we have had several tire issues.  As I type this we are again sitting in a shop getting a tire worked on.  Yeah it is nice to type and read on a computer that isn't moving - and we did have time to get in a shower - BUT - its frustrating because we were going to swing by WalMart and do some grocery shopping before dropping this load off - now we don't have time to do that - sigh... but hey - that is the way of trucking... its fluid and ever changing.  I'm glad I can roll with the flow - I have for years and now that ability is coming in handy :D

We are seriously thinking of selling a few things too... the toy hauler, pick-ups, and motorcycles.  We aren't using them, they are just sitting there (well maybe not the trucks - the kids use them occasionally to keep the fluids moving around) and not doing us any good.  Plus we are thinking of the direction this 'journey' will be taking us.  So leasing a truck has come up in conversation as well as other ideas... none of them include needing the hauler or bikes. We can always replace them once we get off the 'road'. 

Well looks like they are done working on the tire - and its my turn to drive - so type/talk later - bye for now...

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