Sunday, June 26, 2011


The days recently have been mushing into a blurr of sameness. Sleep/Drive/Sleep/Drive. Do I regret this lifestyle change - no, not really - does it still have the same luster of adventure - not quite - LOL!  We have been talking about leasing - yeah THAT talk again - LOL - but then a frustration w/the company/qualcomm/truck comes up and we table it again.  Maybe a short term lease - my trainer said we could lease his truck, but that is for only 2 months now - that's a little TOO short term :)  We also talked to someone at a truckstop that moves travel trailers w/a 1 ton pickup - gets paid more than our O/O!!  So THAT might be a problem.  So for now - we are going back and forth across the country.  I'm even starting to recognise where we are when I wake up now - because we have been there before...

Still stuck in a rut eating wise - so easy to say "we will do this, that and the other thing", but then to actually put that into play??  That just doesn't seem to happen.  We also have been listening to 'audio books'.  So not doing much phone calling or listening to the radio... so we are still traveling in our bubble :^D

Well I'm going to head onto FaceBook - I haven't been on-line for almost 3 days!! <gasp> So I need to make sure everyone is still alive - LOL!

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  1. Hang in there. You are following your dream. Make it happen. It is easy to get in a rut. Don't feel bad about being human. :-)