Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sitting and waiting...

Its a mixed blessing really... got a great night sleep in a cool, non-moving HUGE bed... got to stumble to the bathroom with the lights off and no loud music playing and stumble back to bed WITHOUT really waking up - (the simple pleasures) - however to be able to enjoy that, the truck isn't moving.  Its in the shop right now.  Yeah its a company truck, so we don't have to foot the bill, but that also means we aren't making any $$ because the truck isn't moving!! This would hurt even worse if we were L/O or O/O... paying for it AND not getting paid, but then we would have gotten it fixed the FIRST time the engine light came on and the oil pressure alarm wasn't working right... sigh...

We really haven't been eating right either.  In the south it seems like EVERYTHING is fried - LOL! But it tastes SO good!  Thankfully I can't eat much of it, but we've been eating it.  Of course being stuck in the shop, we have been living on nuts again.  They seem to be our steady diet - sigh... At least we are keeping up on our vitamins :^)

So for now we are watching TV in the waiting room and hoping our truck gets pulled into a bay soon so they can run another diagnostic on it and hopefully fix the problem... we will get our 34 hour resets and not have to worry about the 72 hour DOT crack down... but I think I would prefer rolling instead...

Its funny though - I just got done reading another 'trucker' blog - they are SO much like us... missing their kid(s) but realizing that they are now grown and can survive without them being in constant contact... enjoying being together and the adventures and people... so even though we are sitting in the shop and fussing, I'm still glad we are doing this!!


  1. Sounds like heaven to me! Growing up a trucker's daughter and granddaughter I love the trucking life.

  2. Paula I don't need to remind you of the hard work you both have put in over the years since your surgery. I don't know if you follow me on FB but I'm trying to lose weight the hard way and it's murder. I haven't worked out and done this much physical activity in 25 years and the lbs aren't dropping. EXTREMELY frustrated but I'm not giving up. I beg you and Gary not to make the bad choices you made before your surgery. Don't go backwards.. no matter what.

    You are both incredible people and I'm so glad we got to meet. Live your dream.. enjoy it and be safe and be healthy.

    Robert Heitner