Thursday, April 7, 2011


So much to 'blog' about... I think about stuff I want to type about - but I do that while I'm driving.  Now Gary is driving and my mind is a blank - LOL! I do want to send healing thoughts to a friend of mine though - WLS person w/no insurance and a bleeding ulcer - OUCH!! Just reinforces my need for medical insurance of some kind... even though we have been super healthy - stuff happens!! We have been doing great though working as a team.  At times I'm even surprise I'm actually getting paid to do this!!  Then we have a day like Tuesday evening - where we had to chain up in the middle of a snow storm (as if we would put chains on when its NOT snowing - LOL) and go AHH - this is why they pay us!!  That and dealing w/the folks that aren't out here and make decisions on what we need and when we need it - some frustration there - but all in all - yeah, I like it :) Eating wise - eeh - we could do better, but we haven't been too bad.  Its the snack need when driving.  Because we can't really stop each and every time we want/need to eat - it necessitates us eating while driving.  Well if the other is awake - that is fine, they can fix something up.  However, we both work.  One drives a shift while the other 'sleeps' or at least is suppose to.  So we have been resorting to nuts to munch on.  Mixed nuts w/some raisins and dates mixed in... you know the cheap type from Wal Mart - LOL!  1) they aren't carb filled chip type crap 2) the fiber is WONDERFUL!!  No problems there - LOL 3) they are filling - so we don't eat too much.  Now I have been doing dinner - one meal when we swap out - we stop and eat together. I've been using a 'lunch box' cooker. Its 12V and plugs into a cig lighter. It has been working great.  Did up a small pork roast and butternut squash last night.  It also is a bit smaller - so it would cook a single 'normal' meal or two WLS meals perfectly.  Tonight we had left over pork roast diced up in a green salad.  Yes we got the dinner salad at a truck stop... there is 'healthy' food out there - you just have to take the effort to find it.  Well its time for me to hit the rack.. my 'shift' will start at about 4 am... G'night all!!

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