Sunday, April 3, 2011

'Home Time'

We finally got some 'home time'. It sure was nice to see everyone - and I wish we could have seen more folks.  Its weird though - it was bitter sweet.  Sweet that we got to see everyone - bitter that we didn't have more time. Sweet that we get to see our daughter and her husband enjoy the house that we built BEFORE we passed it on after we died (not many get to do that - LOL), bitter because we are realizing that this really isn't our home any more - its theirs.  That's ok though - life goes on and things change.  I think I'm able to deal with it a bit better because I've moved several times during my growing up period - Gary was born on this  acre of ground, and grew up here - it has always been here for him, and now it's not our/his home any more... kind of unsettling. 

I was able to weigh myself on the 'home' scale - I'm holding at 158.  I'm happy with that.  Gary is now at 220 and that is fully clothed!! 

Well what we wanted to accomplish during this 'home time' we got done.  Gary got the taxes done for both businesses, personal and Momma (ALL day long process!!) and I've gotten the laundry done and the truck straightened up.  I should take some more pictures - its MUCH neater now - LOL!  The clutter really bugs me :) Its Sunday now and we have to leave out of here and head to Stockton CA to pick up a load to Washington.  Its concidered a 'solo' load - (smaller amount of miles w/longer time period) - but swapping for this one allowed us the time together at 'home' yesterday.  THAT was nice.  We need to do something nice to thank our DM :)

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  1. Glad you got to enjoy some hometime and to see your family :)