Friday, April 22, 2011

Nashville, TN

Had the most wonderful time last night!  Got to meet someone that I have only know from on-line (forum and FB).  It was a BLAST!  She showed us around the Opry – and the Opryland Hotel. We had dinner at The Cock of the Walk (a restaurant that is NOT on the West Coast).  Had fried catfish, shrimp and chicken – with cornbread AND hushpuppies – LOL!  I loved playing tourist J this is what we have wanted to do.  On our downtime – see the areas we can’t see from the interstate.  Thank you so much Tammy for helping us do that!
We are trying a new arrangement for the microwave.  It is strapped to the underside of the upper bunk.  It is solid and secure (as far as we can tell without moving – LOL) and we have plenty of room for our feet underneath it.  Just need to be careful putting things in and out of it, since it’s right above our bed – LOL ! Now we have another cabinet we can put stuff in and ‘organize’ J
Just looking back at where Gary and I have gone in just under a month… we started together in Salt Lake City (West Valley actually – but SLC is more recognizable) on 3/25 – here is a Reader’s Digest version of where we have gone…
SLC to Harrisonburg, VA to Fishersville, VA
Stuarts Draft, VA to Ogden, UT
Layton, UT to Reno, NV to Dayton, NV
Stockton, CA to Tacoma, WA
Lynden, WA to Cleveland, OH
Cleveland, OH to Ridgewood, NY
Palmyra, PA to Ogden, UT
Logan, UT to Englewood, OH
Lima, OH to Brighton, CO
Dodge City, KS to Goodlettsville, TN (where we are right now)
Next stops are Nashville, TN to Denver, CO
Looking back –WOW – we have been to quite a few places – LOL!  All on the highway system though – that’s why it was so nice to get in a ‘4 wheeler’ and see the local sites.  Places that there is NO way we could take the truck.  I’m looking forward to maybe renting a motorcycle someday and touring an area where we park – or even a car – that would work too. Well off to do some reading and maybe even visiting a forum I haven’t been on in quite a while J

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  1. Oh my gosh! How many miles is that??? Stay away from the tornadoes!! Been there, done that, bought the T shirt and threw it away, right??? Love you guys!