Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faith, Family, Friends and Attitude!!

All so very important!

It so amazes me what can be accomplished with that combination. Faith - to trust that what is meant to be, will happen.  Even if its not what you want or expect - it will, in the long run, be what needs to be.  Family - Growing up my family was 'different' - not in the usual 'different' as in divorce or anything like that. Different in that my Mom, while there, really wasn't 'there'; but my sisters filled that void as I was growing up. However - as I married and had a family of my own; it showed me the importance of 'family'.  My MIL took me under her wing, my husband is not only my husband, but also my best friend. My daughter is my treasure and my grandson my joy... Friends (both in person and virtual) give laughter and support. Companionship and comoradery (however you spell that)... However attitude is also so very important.  You can have Family and Friends all pulling for you - you can have faith - but the power of the mind is AMAZING!!  You can talk yourself into being sick - you can talk yourself into depression - it can even work the other way around.  Sure, somethings it might not work on - you can't talk yourself out of a broken bone - but you can decide not to let it bring you down. Yeah - I know - easier said than done... and I don't do it that well myself... but it is with faith - that I believe everything will turn out OK...

What brought all this on??  My sister 12 years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer - she battled it and survived!!  At the time the diagnosis was very bad, but with her faith, family, friends and attitude she won.  She is now having to start the battle again - she knows how to do this - she has 'won' before and will again... I have faith!!

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