Thursday, June 21, 2012

Damn, Damn and Double Damn...

So frustrated with myself... Health Insurance... one of my major concerns and sticking points... we were getting COBRA but due to not getting mail the way I'm use to (hard to get it delivered to the truck) and having a system of filing and reminders etc... I missed a payment - and the amount due had changed - so there was a pending balance which didn't get paid - well through all that gobbily goop - needless to say we now are flying without a net!!  This will make it SO very hard to get insurance because we are not at this time covered by insurance... also with our 'history' of gastric bypass we have a 'pre-existing' condition. I was already having fits trying to find 'affordable' insurance with that!!  Sigh...

Yeah - bad point about living in a truck - staying on top of what bills are and what needs to get paid.  So totally frustrated - but I guess to look at the 'bright side' - I now have the funds available to pay the student loans I haven't been able to pay - which are now over the amount we paid for our first home!! 

Other than these and other concerns at 'home' - things are going well - LOL!  Yeah - just got to take it a day/minute at a time... if I don't, I would go crazier than I am now :)

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  1. Man, I hate worrying over money!! I figure we'll always be poor, but hey! we are used to it, right? Scheeesh....between the 3 of us, no money, no ins. and health issues....well, let's just say it's a good thing love is free and freely given!!
    Big hugs...once again I can so relate!
    Deep breath...keep on truckin'
    Love, Carol