Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Trial and Error...

Well - I can't say this is my first blog - but I'm hoping it will be the last one I try to set up - LOL! I dabbled a couple times trying to set one up - and I can't remember where they ended up - cyberspace somewhere... but I'm realizing more and more that I need a place to put my thoughts.  If I don't they go rolling around and I loose them - LOL!  This will be a compilation of personal/business/informational blogging.  I don't know what the 'protocol' is for a blogger - nor am I good with punctuation or diction - that's just not me.  Even spelling isn't the best - although that little wavy red line under certain words really does help :) So this will be a growing - learning process.

I figured out today that I needed to put info somewhere.  Compile it in ONE place so that I can access it - but also I can share that info with others.  I have seen so many excellent blogs that I'm almost afraid to put this out there - I feel like a kindergartner watching an executive and wanting to grow up to be 'just like them' - LOL!  I figure though - they had to start somewhere too - and if I never start - I will never get there!

So this will be scattered - not just one thing or another - some personal stuff - some business stuff - some informational stuff.  I will try to 'label' things so that if you don't want to read one type, but do want to read another - that will be an option - but I don't even know if that's possible - LOL!  Weeee as if I need ANOTHER thing to do :)  I promise that I will TRY not to whine to much in the personal part - but I'm sure there will be duplicate information posted.  I have been enjoying reading other's blogs - I get a lot of good info and points of views from them.  I might not agree totally with what is posted - but that is what makes us INDIVIDUALS.  I also promise to be as honest with the info I write as I possibly can - but please remember in this journey (WLS and life it's self) I might 'think' I KNOW something - just to find out later I was wrong... 

The fear I have in 'putting myself out there' is being judged and found wanting - of every word I type being scrutinized for errors - of putting out info that really is wrong and not catching it - of falling flat on my face and others laughing.  I'm going to do it anyway - but those are my fears (that I'm willing to admit and face right now). 

So I will be playing for a bit - adding info I have collected and stored in other places to here - it will be a work in progress :^)


  1. Let me give you some very wise advice that a friend gave me. I keep trying to follow it. Write something every day. Even if it is just a few sentences about your frustrations. Just write and write and write. Otherwise it gets forgotten. Good for you!!

  2. Thank you Joann... I will try to follow that advice!! :)