Monday, September 24, 2012

What a ride!!

Whew... This has been and continues to be quite a ride! It was nice while we were running, and we had actually paid off a CC and almost another... Then there were homes times, and repairs at home... Then there were break downs and added expenses... Talk about a roller coaster!! Trough it all though, there has been one constant... My Faith and my Husband.  I am so very glad I'm not on this ride on my own.  I have Faith that all these bumps and pit falls are in our way for a reason.  Maybe to teach patience? Or to make us lean on him? Or maybe to get us to appreciate what we HAVE already, and to realize just what is important in life.  Family, friends, health, joy, laughter, beauty in the little things... Things you can't get with money...

Then there is my husband... Who  not only is my other half, he is my rock and soft place to fall.  During this adventure ride, we have been this for each other.  I can't picture myself doing this without him, or being separated from him while he's out on the road, and me being at the house. He tempers me, and I spur him on.  It's a good mix :)

So the plan right now is to get this truck (which is now running at this time) into SLC for either repairs, or to get a new truck.  Not sure which way we want to go... If we get a new truck, then there will be a fresh warrantee, but bugs to be worked out... With this truck, there weren't any serious bugs, but we can't afford any more down time. Or we get a loaner truck (which isn't 'home') and run while this truck is in the shop... Then get this one back, but the miles on it means the warrantees are going to start falling off... If we do the new truck, that means a new three year commitment. Yeah sure, we 'can' get out of it, but that's not us... If we commit, we do everything possible to stick with it, even to our detriment sometimes! So on our way to SLC doing a lot of praying and talking... Not sure which way we want to go... Not sure what options will be on the table either.

Well, I guess we better get moving... Need to get the trailer washed out, then over to our pick up... Bye for now :)

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