Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Down, but not out!

Seriously??  I mean really??

We just got assigned a new fleet - the circut one that will bring us home weekly - and how do we start out?  By having to put our truck in the shop!! OMG - what a way to make a first impression...

So we had time off for our Grand's first birthday, that was extended due to the shop we took our truck to; and guess where we had to take our truck THIS time??  Yep - same place I vowed to never take the truck to again... sigh... So Friday we took it in - found out it would be at LEAST Wednesday until we got it back (holiday weekend and all) - and if we don't have it back then, we just might miss out on another run east and back.

There is also a bunch of 'short timers' attitude here at home. The kids are excited (and rightly so) about their new home. With plans and dreams.  We are making plans on how to keep our home and are looking forward to being able to be here weekly; and maintaining, cleaning and just being the way we want it. The kids are right - it just wasn't working out the way it was before.  Different focuses and priorities.

So send prayers that they get the truck all put back together and running tomorrow, so we can go get an empty trailer and be ready for Friday!!  Please let there be a load as well! If not - we will be in some serious deep doo doo...

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