Thursday, September 13, 2012

Road blocks...

No not literally, but boy have we stumbled across some recently!

First, on our FIRST load with the new fleet, our truck developed a really not so nice problem... Fluids were going where they didn't belong.  Coolant in the fuel, and fuel in the coolant... Second, the nearest place is the same one that kept us with the power steering repair (which still isn't working quite right) and I swore that we would NEVER go back there... (never say never...sigh) So it takes them a week to fix it, and we are at the house... Finally pick up our truck, loading it with our food/clothes and stuff and notice some fuel in our coolant, and coolant in our fuel again!! We are HOT... We take the truck BACK in and they say that we will need to run the truck to clean out the coolant from the fuel, and the fuel we see in the coolant is just the 'flush'... GRRR... Ok ... We will 'trust' you... So we get our load and take off... Whew! Back on the road... Doing good!! Get to our delivery, and then we sit.... We are picking up in the same place, but because they took so long to unload us, we are now late for our pick up! Didn't get out of there until 8 hrs PASSED our pick up time... So needless to say we were going to be late to our delivery... Then to make us even later... We develope a fuel leak!!  We were having to drain the fuel filters to clear them of the coolant (like they told us to do) and because of that one of the gaskets gave way... Didn't notice it until after three hours of driving I had to pee... Got out, smelled diesel but I stopped at a truck stop, thought nothing of it... Got back to the truck and there was a BIG ASS PUDDLE of fuel dripping from the complete underside of the truck!! So needless to say, that needed to get fixed... So after a tow, part running and labor costs (about $900+) we lost a day running... N Ow we are in So. Cal and delivered and picking up at the same building... Then back up to Rocklin... So yeah... A few road blocks, but we jumped over them and are still going... I must admit, one of the nice things (so far) about this new run... No dead head miles for this loop!! Now to see how that looks on the statement ;)


  1. You guys have really been thru it!! What a year this has been for you! You sure are of stronger stuff than we are......NO WAY Grumpy's temper would have done this!! NO way.
    Meanwhile, here in Penn Valley, we are dealing with Lisa's alzheimers. I know you can relate. Her doc has changed her meds, so we'll see if that helps. Love hearing what's going on for you....take care out there!!! HUGS!!

  2. I don't know about stronger... We each are having to deal with things, just different things... I sure do hope the new mess help. I know with Momma when we started the Namenda it did seem to help for a while. Hugs to you three... Maybe one of these Friday Mornings we could get together for breakfast :)

  3. Paula, I know for y'all, it is a whole lot of problems all at once, but hopefully they will be able to get it fixed. The Lord knows what he is doing. He will only allow so much, and I know it feels like why does he have so much faith in me, when I really don't feel like I can handle it all. God has you in the palm of His hand. He will cause things to work out and and you to prosper. Keep believing. Keep venting. Keep praying, as I will for you. Hugs sent long distance aren't the same, but I send them anyway. Love you my friend.