Friday, October 14, 2011


You either laugh or cry... well maybe not that extreme, but you can either go with the flow or get ground up on the rocks of frustration... I'm trying to go with the flow - because there isn't much I can do to change what is happening right now.  We had the chance to 'drop' the load we just delivered, but since we/I felt a cold coming on, wanted the chance to 'take it easy' for a nigbt - "careful what you wish for" comes to mind here.  So we get to our delivery - and we wait, and wait and wait... we end up getting 1.5 hrs detention (which starts 2 hours after our appt. time)... then we head to our next load - we didn't have an appt time, just told to head in... so we are 15 minutes away and get an updated appt time - for over 12 HOURS away!!  OMG!!  So this is where we 'go with the flow' or 'get totally frustrated' - I'm trying to 'stay calm' and Gary is FUMING... of course to make matters just SO much better - we are waiting in line at a 'Blue Beacon' (truck wash) and there are over 5 trucks in front of us - talk about waiting... (it's been 45 minutes already)

So - if there are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason - what reason can my tiny little mind think this waiting and frustration is for... to learn patience??  Maybe to teach patience... either way its a struggle... One of my favorite prayers (and it really does work - at least for me) is "God grant me patience - and I want it RIGHT NOW!!" - LOL!

Of course during all of this 'frustration' and while we are driving on a bumpy, underconstruction road - I realize I didn't put the strap on the refridgerater door again... and the door - yes it comes open - and there goes all of our groceries onto the floor... thank goodness we didn't have many of them, however I will miss the cherry tomatoes... and boy do they roll ALL over the place!! (they also spray seeds everywhere when you step on them)

So yeah - trucking can be 'fun' but there are also parts of it that rruely frustrate us...

Thanks for reading my rant :)

PS - just as I was going to hit 'post' the computer shuts it's self down to 'update' - thank goodness it/blogger automatically saves 'drafts' - or I would have had a bunch more typing to do - LOL!

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  1. Isn't life grand?? I say this sarcastically because there are those days when you ask yourself WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS I THINKING??? Life on the road definitely has it's ups and downs, doesn't it? I did 4 loads of laundry last night and I basically fell into bed. I hadn't even driven that much...maybe 140 miles on the very straight I-10! But my Fibromyalgia is awful lately.I am finding the hardest part is getting some alone time (and I don't mean to do laundry in! LOL!!)Take care of each other!!