Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Wow - has it really been this long since I've blogged... time all kinda mushes together... and one day is so similar to the next.  Although today is Halloween and I'm going as a truck driver - LOL!  Well I guess I have to, since today was the last day to renew my license as a nurse.  So I guess this is it, unless I want to redo some training or something... not sure how I would go about renewing my license once it laps - but hopefully I won't need to find out!  It was over $100 and I hadn't done any CEU's - which would have cost $$ - and time... so I'm now a 'use to be' nurse and now I 'am' a truck driver :)

Past three days we have been to three different dealers and an alignment shop... 1) just to get a clearence light - our truck is 'special' and doesn't take OTC lights.  2) checking out some 'codes' that have popped up - that was covered with our warentee - because there was some 'electrical' stuff causing the codes. 3) front steer tires w/outside wear and a vibration - dealership didn't have an alignment rack, but gave us a name of a local one... so $220 later a 3 axle alignment - not too shabby... and we will still be on-time for our next load. 

Well - off to take a nap/rest - have a run up to Chicago today/tonight - and this load is 'time sensitive'... which means driving through the night without 'nap' times - LOL!  Yep - night driving I take 'naps', usually about 20 minute 'power' naps - they let me go for another 2 hours. 

The bigger fridge is working out ok - but it is a bit more wobbly... I don't dare open it while the truck is in motion... EVERYTHING would shake out of it... and has - LOL!  We have been able to have icecream (no sugar added) - however with that setting it freezes our lettuce - sigh...  Oh and we got a couple cases of free bananas - we were able to give them away, but kept a couple bunches... the only thing is they all get ripe at the same time and there are only so many ways to have bananas in a truck... and there is only so much (with the WLS) that we can eat at one time... but they sure do taste good :)

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