Thursday, September 29, 2011

My apologies

I know as a 'blogger' I'm suppose to post something a little more often than once a month - sorry - what can I say??  I think of all these great things to type about while I'm driving, then its my time off and I'm tired - or we do a 'movie night' - or I'm doing 'office work' in a moving truck and after doing that, I want off the computer as soon as possible (trying not to spew!!) 

So how are we doing - pretty good I guess.  We stuck with our DM and she has kept us moving.  We are heading back to CA for a little bit of home time (Gary has a Dr's appt).  Taking home time does mess w/the miles a bit though because she has to aim us and the loads might not be timed right or that long a distance.  Seeing the kids is important to us though... yes she is a big girl now, and married and a mom, but I need the hug.  Plus its just not the same to talk on the phone, although we did try the Skype and that worked 'ok'... back ground noise and connection was a little rough - but we can work on that :) not driving down the road might help - LOL!

Now how am 'I' doing - that's a good question - LOL!  It depends on what is happening at the time and what I'm thinking about.  If I'm driving and enjoying the view from my office - I'm glad I made this career change... if I'm getting dressed after hardly sleeping to wander into a LOUD/BRIGHT dirty truck stop to go pee before I either start driving or go back to sleep - yeah I have some doubts.  If I'm thinking about everything we left behind - I greave some and think back to the 'old days'.  Then I start thinking what might have happened if we didn't choose this path - and I'm glad we took the path we are on.  So all in all I'm glad to be rolling down the road with my best friend/husband <grin>.

On the WLS front - I'm really disappointed in myself :( I tell myself I'm going to stay away from the nuts and I'm going to cook meals, and I'm not going to eat unless I'm hungery and I'm going to drink water and not as much coffee... then I start driving and my other 'robot' self kicks in and the hand goes down to put food in my mouth.  Habit I know... I'm not hungrey really, just need that hand to mouth going while I'm driving... thank goodness I don't smoke anymore - I can so easily see myself going through 3 packs a day if I did!!  When we first started munching on nuts and jerky, we were thinking that it wouldn't be so bad - they are low on 'carbs' and they have protein - yeah and they are LOADED with calories!! So easy to say - do veggies - and we tried them, but getting to a store (parking the Freightliner) and storage (only have a 1.7 cu fridge) - there are some challenges... Damn it though - I DO NOT WANT TO GAIN ANY MORE WEIGHT!!

Sigh... well this blog has taken a couple hours to do - (ADD type of thing - squirrel!!) - and now I really need to get some sleep - driving again in a few hours...

Bye for now...

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