Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Home time


Yeah that's both a good sigh, and a bad sigh... Home time is much needed for several reasons... The truck is in the shop for some heavy maintenance. Not just the usual oil change and lube, but what is known as an 'overhead'... kinda a tune up, but for diesels. Figure it has over 500K miles on that engine, so we are looking at it as 'preventive' maintenance... They did find a leak around the cam shaft, but that repair would include the overhead... good and bad all rolled into one :) Also during HT this time, Gary got the jury duty card - he did the same thing I did; one day and done. We also have gotten some good house cleaning done and started.  Moved some furniture, cleaned/straightened out the kitchen, started cleaning the garage.  With only the one day off weekly, we clutter and dirty things up, and don't always clean behind us.  Now we don't leave food out, but the clutter is sometimes left behind.  Things used and not put away, that type of thing... so getting that taken care of is NICE!  There is also the visiting of friends and time spent with family... that is priceless!!  We are SO busy on our usual one day, that we have a hard time making time for all we want to do, to say nothing of everyone we want to see and visit with. So having the week helps... there is also the privilege/luxury of showering in a shower <10 people have used!! AND when ever you want, as many times as you want... Ahhh... its the small pleasures :) Last but not least is the time to just sit and do nothing! Not that we do much of that - but its nice to be able to do.

Of course on the other side of the coin is the cost.  I try not to look at that side as closely, because its depressing to me... but I try to remember the GOOD reasons we take this HT.

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