Friday, July 5, 2013

Long time!!

I didn't realize just how long its been since I've blogged!!  I'm taking a break from 'paperwork' and was 'playing', So here I am...

Things have been going OK all in all.  There is definitely a 'sameness' and routine to the weeks now... they all seem to run together, and of course there isn't enough time at home, but at least we are GETTING home now!!

We went from OTR (over the road) and staying away for MONTHS at a time - to a dedicated route, that was basically the same, just a single departure point - but that was in AZ! Still never got to see the house! Now we are on a loop that originates 20 miles away from the house... so we get to be 'home' for 18-30 hours per week.  That might not seem much, and its not in a 'normal' 9-5 type lifestyle.  However for a truck driver, its not too bad.

We can actually PLAN things now... now that there is a 'sameness' and 'routine'.  We know where we will be and when - for the most part.  Which is nice!  We have been able to see family and friends more often.  Even got to enjoy a book signing for our favorite author! Kevin Hearne... The Iron Druid Series. Needless to say - highly recommend the series. We use and do the audio version of the books while we drive.  Makes the miles FLOW!!
I'm still totally enjoying the 'view from my office' ... At times when the 'sameness' starts to get to me, a purposely look out my office window and sigh.  There is such beauty out there, and if I wasn't doing what I'm doing - would I get to see it?? Nope. There are many reasons why I'm glad we did (start driving) what we did - and the view is one of them!!

The most recent thing we got to enjoy is family time at their house. So proud of my daughter and her husband.  They are really doing well.  No - not millionaires or anything like that, but living life and dealing with 'what is' ... which is really a hard lesson to learn.  It's what happens when you 'grow up'.  They are also doing well with Eddie - I have no suggestions or recommendations even as a 'Grandma'... and for me not to say 'you should/could do things THIS way' is a biggy - LOL!
So Gary, Buddy and I will continue to 'roll on' and admire the views... we will continue to deal with 'what is', while planning for 'what we want'. Which of course changes from time to time, but such is life :)



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