Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rolling on...

Well the coolant leak saw us 'relaxing' in a hotel room for 3 nights... I wish I felt comfortable enough to have been able to rent a car and sight seen during that time, but with the snow storm and finances... yeah just as well we didn't.  So now it is Friday of the next week, and after running OTR last week, I can't wait to get back in our loop!!  Last week got us HEAVY trailers, and a weight violation 'warning'... Serious pushing for time, and it was totally not worth the stress... but I am glad we were rolling, instead of sitting.  There is that.

Now for other news - my daughter is going to be on a local news show.  She is going to be participating in St. Baldrick's. I'm going to cut my hair in sympathy with hers... not sure how far it will go, might even go bald!!  Depends on the amount of the donations :D

(Just realized I never posted this one - typed March 1 - Oops - posting now...)

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