Sunday, April 7, 2013

Home Time...

Yep we are now on Home Time!!  Woo Hoo!! And also <<cringe>> Woo Hoo because we needed the break... <<cringe>> because of the cost of not rolling... the loop we are on keeps us moving, which is a good thing... but it also doesn't give us much 'down' time.  We needed to get the A/C fixed in the truck and service done, so Matilda is in the shop getting that done. We tried to go see our Silver Mine, but the Jeep wasn't quite ready for the trip (vehicle registration and the drive line) and our 2WD truck just wasn't cut out for the road we have to take... instead we went as far as we felt comfortable, then had a tail gate lunch!!
So hoping to fit in one more try!! 

It is also tax time!!  I am SO glad that isn't 'my' job!  I do the daily/monthly bookkeeping, and Gary gets the 'pleasure' of doing the taxes.  He does a great job, and some how understands/figures out what forms and stuff needs to get sent in... its all gobblygook to me.

I'm also getting to fix up some 'pre-prepared' crockpot meals for the road. I'm going to wander through Jessica's Blog (she is a friend and fellow driver) and some other crockpot sites, and see what type of meals I come up with. 

Tomorrow we are also going to get to visit with 'the kids'... although, they really aren't 'kids' any more.  Except for my Grandson - yep, he's a kid!! So glad we got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt... it was a bit scattered on our side... My daughter and her husband really came through and set it up for us... thank you!!
Our next 'scheduled' hometime won't be until the end of July... not sure what we will do that week, but we are going to do something... we will have been married for 30 years, and need to celebrate some how.  Just hope we stay rolling (no breakdowns) until then, so we can afford it!! 

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