Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The days all blurr together out here... there is a steady routine of wake up, drive, try to work on things, eat a meal, sleep, wake up and drive - and the cycle continues... then there is the 'wait' time for pick ups or deliveries - those times we tend to 'relax'... and so no real 'work' gets done.  However there is so much I feel like I 'should' be doing... I know, it's towards the end of the month, and this is when I 'cycle' around my well - LOL! So I'm blogging instead :)

We have been running pretty well... back and forth, back and forth... which is a good thing.  I'm really hoping this next settlement will look decent.  The last 'home time' REALLY cut a chunk out of us. 

So the tasks I'm trying to deal with are:

Health insurance - as Lease Ops we are 'self employed' so no company insurance.  We do have 'Cobra' right now, so we are under a 'qualified' insurance - but we couldn't get individual insurance right of the bat because of our 'major surgeries' in April of 2009 - we have to wait for the 3 years after - otherwise there would be 'pre-existing' conditions - sigh - so its time to start looking, because Cobra is only good for 16 months...

Momma - I need to follow up with Medi-Cal - and make sure she will be covered... how to do THAT long distance is going to be fun.

The house - need to figure out what we are going to do with the house... the kids are looking for their own place (and that is a good thing).  However we will need to think of maintainance, cost and mail - etc.

Weekly bookkeeping of truck driving - balancing the settlements, making sure we get paid for everything.

Regular monthly bill paying...

So with this going around in my head, I tend to procrastinate and let things build and build until it looks like the Great Wall of China in front of me.  What I need to do is put my big girl panties on and just DO IT!

Well time to get off line - need to fix dinner then sleep - so I can wake up to drive....

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