Sunday, March 4, 2012

Accomplished ...

Well some what anyway... Rather proud of this 50 year old broad!! Cleaned out the front gutters... Mowed the front lawn... Dishes done... Played with my grand son... Vacuumed... Felt good to be physically active.

Lynn also made an awesome dinner... Salmon wrapped in parchment paper with seasonings, lemon, zucchini and onion. First course was a banana nut squash soup. She added rosemary as seasoning and that turned out really well! She is really doing well with the cooking.

Gary worked almost all day on taxes... Momma's are done and ours are almost there... Good news is we put enough aside!! Woo Hoo!!

Hoping to finish up with Momma's paperwork tomorrow, then pack up the truck Tuesday and head off on Wednesday... Need to make up some miles so our plan will be to push our clock ... Then take a 34 ... Then push some more!

So even with stress, some conflict and tears... This home time is doing ok...

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