Monday, November 21, 2011

Homeward bound...and continued at home...

YEAH!! This time (even though expensive) is SO needed!!  It will give us a sitting still - repower break.  It will also give us a chance to start on the new 'dedicated' fleet.  We tried before to get more miles, but it slipped back to the point where we had to complain again... I don't like doing that because our DM is a really nice person, but we also have to think of our 'business' and our bills... she just wasn't pushing enough and getting us the miles.  Its suprising that after we 'bitched' we got a 4 digit run - AND after a fiasco with getting us an MT trailer, and 'bitching' some more - the run got improved and all the way to CA.  So time will tell if things will improve mile wise.

And now to continue from home:

LOL - seriously - I didn't get it 'finished' so thought I would continue where I left off.  Well we made it home, and on the day requested.  That was a nice surprise :) So now we have 10 days - and I don't like sitting this long, but it was needed.  Not just for our sanity, but we also had some things we needed to take care of at home. There are just somethings we can't have others do for us - sigh - Oh well...

Got a cool gift from the kids - an ipad - some really cool features and apps.  We have 'cheap' phones so never played with apps... so its all new for us.  We still have our laptops though - for business (and blogging) stuff...

I weighed myself here at home 185#  OMG!  I really have to do something... that is OVER doctors goal.  So I am making a concerted effort to watch what I eat and go back to the basics.  So not easy!

We are taking this time to put the truck in the shop for some service too... there is a vibration in the front end (or at least that's where it feels like its coming from) that hits about 40-45 mph... we already had a three axle alignment done, but it didn't really help at all... plus some of these roads have potholes that needs a VW bug to fill!!  So we are having them check the 'king pins' and 'bearings' - yeah like I know what they are - LOL!  Then getting ANOTHER three axle alignment. Sigh... this is going to be an expensive 10 days!! 

I did take the time and let our current DM know we were going dedicated.  She says she understands, but we had to take care of us, and she wasn't able to get us the miles we needed.  So we will see how things go and keep our fingers crossed XX!!

Now the question - am I still glad we chose to drive truck - yes. Do I miss what I had in the past - yes.  Do I realize that things change, and sometimes that change isn't easy - yes. 

Well back to relaxing on the couch and watching TV and playing with my Grandson and visiting with the kids - had a full day and planning on another one tomorrow... bye for now :)

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