Monday, December 12, 2011

New Fleet

Well the new fleet has started, and we are getting slipped into a routine... I think. The first week and a half was harsh miles wise, but the head DM (she) seems to be trying to make it right. So for now we will go with the flow. This last weekend though, if I wasn't getting over a cold I probably would have complained. There was to much time on it... What that means is that we got to were we needed to be, then had to sit... Gary got a 34 out of it, and I would have by now, but we moved to where we didn't have to pay for parking, and got WiFi... Down loaded a BUNCH on their bandwidth for $5. I should get mine by it's my turn to drive though.

Man getting a cold out here sucks! Can't take the types of meds you can at home, because THEY make you sleep... Mr. DOT doesn't like us taking those types of things. So it's been zinc, warm broth, saline rinses and thanks to the time on this load... REST... Still have the last little bit of it, but no lingering cough. It never got into my chest (thank you LORD!).

Well we are back rolling and will be delivering this load, then picking a short 350 mile one to basically pay our DH miles, then the last preset sends us back to AZ... For our next run out :) Still not the 5000 miles per week we are looking for, but better than what we were getting!

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