Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faith, Family and Friends

God amazes me sometimes... yeah, he's God, I shouldn't be amazed... But he is still amazing! About a year ago we scheduled our 'time off'... well this last month my sister had another step in her journey with cancer. 

OK, I'll back up a bit... 13 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had a MASSIVE surgery (bilateral mastectomy with trans-flap reconstruction) and has lived with the possibility of a reoccurrence for 12 years. Well it happened not quite a year ago (and yes, my times might be a bit off - but you get the idea) that she found out she had cancer in her bones.  She has fought for all the added time that modern treatments provide; and has done so with such courage and grace. Now has come the time in her journey to let go and rest... She knows it, her husband of 37 years knows it and both of her sons know it... yeah, even I know it. Having a 'nursing background' I had the idea, when she mentioned the bone cancer, that it would come to something like this.

Now back to current time... having this week off is a blessing because I am able to visit and talk with my sister and her family before she passes.  Hopefully I give some comfort to her and hers. 

So in today's busy life - don't get so narrow sighted that you loose track of what is important... FAITH, FAMILY and FRIENDS!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Home time


Yeah that's both a good sigh, and a bad sigh... Home time is much needed for several reasons... The truck is in the shop for some heavy maintenance. Not just the usual oil change and lube, but what is known as an 'overhead'... kinda a tune up, but for diesels. Figure it has over 500K miles on that engine, so we are looking at it as 'preventive' maintenance... They did find a leak around the cam shaft, but that repair would include the overhead... good and bad all rolled into one :) Also during HT this time, Gary got the jury duty card - he did the same thing I did; one day and done. We also have gotten some good house cleaning done and started.  Moved some furniture, cleaned/straightened out the kitchen, started cleaning the garage.  With only the one day off weekly, we clutter and dirty things up, and don't always clean behind us.  Now we don't leave food out, but the clutter is sometimes left behind.  Things used and not put away, that type of thing... so getting that taken care of is NICE!  There is also the visiting of friends and time spent with family... that is priceless!!  We are SO busy on our usual one day, that we have a hard time making time for all we want to do, to say nothing of everyone we want to see and visit with. So having the week helps... there is also the privilege/luxury of showering in a shower <10 people have used!! AND when ever you want, as many times as you want... Ahhh... its the small pleasures :) Last but not least is the time to just sit and do nothing! Not that we do much of that - but its nice to be able to do.

Of course on the other side of the coin is the cost.  I try not to look at that side as closely, because its depressing to me... but I try to remember the GOOD reasons we take this HT.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Long time!!

I didn't realize just how long its been since I've blogged!!  I'm taking a break from 'paperwork' and was 'playing', So here I am...

Things have been going OK all in all.  There is definitely a 'sameness' and routine to the weeks now... they all seem to run together, and of course there isn't enough time at home, but at least we are GETTING home now!!

We went from OTR (over the road) and staying away for MONTHS at a time - to a dedicated route, that was basically the same, just a single departure point - but that was in AZ! Still never got to see the house! Now we are on a loop that originates 20 miles away from the house... so we get to be 'home' for 18-30 hours per week.  That might not seem much, and its not in a 'normal' 9-5 type lifestyle.  However for a truck driver, its not too bad.

We can actually PLAN things now... now that there is a 'sameness' and 'routine'.  We know where we will be and when - for the most part.  Which is nice!  We have been able to see family and friends more often.  Even got to enjoy a book signing for our favorite author! Kevin Hearne... The Iron Druid Series. Needless to say - highly recommend the series. We use and do the audio version of the books while we drive.  Makes the miles FLOW!!
I'm still totally enjoying the 'view from my office' ... At times when the 'sameness' starts to get to me, a purposely look out my office window and sigh.  There is such beauty out there, and if I wasn't doing what I'm doing - would I get to see it?? Nope. There are many reasons why I'm glad we did (start driving) what we did - and the view is one of them!!

The most recent thing we got to enjoy is family time at their house. So proud of my daughter and her husband.  They are really doing well.  No - not millionaires or anything like that, but living life and dealing with 'what is' ... which is really a hard lesson to learn.  It's what happens when you 'grow up'.  They are also doing well with Eddie - I have no suggestions or recommendations even as a 'Grandma'... and for me not to say 'you should/could do things THIS way' is a biggy - LOL!
So Gary, Buddy and I will continue to 'roll on' and admire the views... we will continue to deal with 'what is', while planning for 'what we want'. Which of course changes from time to time, but such is life :)



Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Have you ever had one of those days when a gremlin lives inside you?? It takes over how you react, and all you can do is watch... That's how I feel this afternoon.  I didn't anticipate Gary, or read his mind right when we were picking up our load out of Aurora. He got irritated at me, which irritated me... So what do I do?? Sabotage myself by eating this peanut/chocolate mixture KNOWING there is a good possibility I'll have a hypoglycemic reaction later. I knew better, but the damn gremlin took over!! So now the truck is thick with silence, and I'm half sick to my stomach, feeling bitter and sorry for myself... Trying to 'fake it until I make it' to a better mood, but the gremlin just wants to be pissy! Sigh... I know this will pass, this same gremlin use to visit at least once a month, so I know it well.  I just thought I wouldn't have to deal with it, when I don't have to deal with IT.

P.S. Sorry for the TMI and whine... Like I said, it's one of those days...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Home Time...

Yep we are now on Home Time!!  Woo Hoo!! And also <<cringe>> Woo Hoo because we needed the break... <<cringe>> because of the cost of not rolling... the loop we are on keeps us moving, which is a good thing... but it also doesn't give us much 'down' time.  We needed to get the A/C fixed in the truck and service done, so Matilda is in the shop getting that done. We tried to go see our Silver Mine, but the Jeep wasn't quite ready for the trip (vehicle registration and the drive line) and our 2WD truck just wasn't cut out for the road we have to take... instead we went as far as we felt comfortable, then had a tail gate lunch!!
So hoping to fit in one more try!! 

It is also tax time!!  I am SO glad that isn't 'my' job!  I do the daily/monthly bookkeeping, and Gary gets the 'pleasure' of doing the taxes.  He does a great job, and some how understands/figures out what forms and stuff needs to get sent in... its all gobblygook to me.

I'm also getting to fix up some 'pre-prepared' crockpot meals for the road. I'm going to wander through Jessica's Blog (she is a friend and fellow driver) and some other crockpot sites, and see what type of meals I come up with. 

Tomorrow we are also going to get to visit with 'the kids'... although, they really aren't 'kids' any more.  Except for my Grandson - yep, he's a kid!! So glad we got to enjoy an Easter Egg hunt... it was a bit scattered on our side... My daughter and her husband really came through and set it up for us... thank you!!
Our next 'scheduled' hometime won't be until the end of July... not sure what we will do that week, but we are going to do something... we will have been married for 30 years, and need to celebrate some how.  Just hope we stay rolling (no breakdowns) until then, so we can afford it!! 

Rolling on...

Well the coolant leak saw us 'relaxing' in a hotel room for 3 nights... I wish I felt comfortable enough to have been able to rent a car and sight seen during that time, but with the snow storm and finances... yeah just as well we didn't.  So now it is Friday of the next week, and after running OTR last week, I can't wait to get back in our loop!!  Last week got us HEAVY trailers, and a weight violation 'warning'... Serious pushing for time, and it was totally not worth the stress... but I am glad we were rolling, instead of sitting.  There is that.

Now for other news - my daughter is going to be on a local news show.  She is going to be participating in St. Baldrick's. I'm going to cut my hair in sympathy with hers... not sure how far it will go, might even go bald!!  Depends on the amount of the donations :D

(Just realized I never posted this one - typed March 1 - Oops - posting now...)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well tensions are high, and we aren't sure what to expect... There is a coolant leak. It's been a SLOW leak, so we couldn't figure out where it was going... Well it's gotten bigger, so now we know, sort of... So we are off to see the dealer, the wonderful dealer in Denver (sung to the tune of off to see the Wizard) .. Trying to keep humor going... Prayers requested...